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FormEncode - Validate Date is on Today or in the Future

Here is a simple validator I wrote for FormEncode to check that the input is a valid date, and is >= today.

If you want to use YYYY-MM-DD date formatting instead, just edit the string in line 6 to '%Y-%m-%d'. You will also want to change the error text on line 11.

 1 import datetime, formencode
 3 class DateTodayOrFuture(formencode.FancyValidator):
 4 	def _to_python(self, value, state):
 5 		try:
 6 			val =, '%m/%d/%Y')
 7 		except ValueError:
 8 			val = None
 9 		if not val:
10 			raise formencode.Invalid(\
11 				'This date is invalid, it must be mm/dd/yyyy', value, state)
12 		else:
13 			if date(val.year, val.month, <
14 				raise formencode.Invalid(\
15 					'The date must be on or after today', value, state)
16 		return value

FormEncode date validators

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